Senate Bill 505

On March 5th the House Regulatory and Reform Committee took up and adopted one amendment and then voted on SB 505 (H-4) and it passed the committee on a 12-0-1.

Prior to the Committee Hearings you are allowed to submit a card of your support, opposition or neutrality for the issues on the agenda. Below you will see who supported, opposed or stayed neutral on SB-505. The MSA stayed neutral on SB 505. We stayed aligned with the MLCC's neutrality and we still believe this bill lacks clarity.

Oppose: None

Neutral: MLBA, MSA, MRA, MBWWA, MLCC, Anheiser Busch, Miller/Coors. Chairman Deloney testified on the Commission's position of neutrality:

During questioning:

Rep. Haugh asked if Chairman Deloney will still continue with the rule rescinding process. Andy plans to go forward because the rule will run counter with state law and rescinding the rule will provide clarity.

Now this is out of committee the House will vote on SB-505 and Senator Hune has to take these changes by to the Senate. We anticipate the Senate adopting the measure. Finally, it will be up to the Governor to sign the bill. Because it is tie-barred to several other popular measures, we anticipate him approving it. At least at this point. We will provide further updates and information as it become available.