House Passes version of SB 505

SB-0505, As Passed House, March 12, 2014

House substitute for Senate Bill no. 505. A bill to amend 1998 PA 58, entitled "Michigan liquor control code of 1998," by amending section 609 (MCL 436.1609), as amended by 2010 PA 175.

The people of the State of Michigan enact:

Sec. 609: Except as provided in this section and sections 605 and 1029, a manufacturer, mixed spirit drink manufacturer, warehouser, wholesaler, outstate seller of beer, outstate seller of wine, outstate seller of mixed spirit drink, or vendor of spirits shall not aid or assist any other vendor by gift, loan of money or property of any description, or other valuable thing, or by the giving of premiums or rebates, and a vendor shall not accept the same. However, if manufacturers of spirits reduce the price of their products, the manufacturer of spirits may refund the amount.